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Sustainability | Industry Trends

A Guide to Green Building Certifications & Organizations

Are you looking to have your new or existing building green certified? Many global and national organizations offer various green building certificati...

Sustainability | Industry Trends

What is a Passive Home? (& Why it Matters)

If you want to go green with a new home or update and renovate your existing home, you may be wondering about passive houses. Passive houses are homes...

Doors | Products

7 Benefits of Smart Door Locks & Handles

Do you still use a metal set of keys to enter your home? In this modern era, everything is going keyless or semi-keyless.

Doors | Products

3 Trending Door Handle Styles for 2023

Every year, doors and handle styles change as new styles are discovered, and old styles are rediscovered. Let’s look at some of the door handle styles...

Doors | Products

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sliding Doors

Are you debating whether a sliding glass door would be best for your home or business or if another type would suit your needs?

Windows | Products

What’s the Difference Between Curtain Walls and Window Walls?

Are you trying to decide between using a curtain wall or a window wall in your new building? Both of these exteriors are beneficial for the building a...

Windows | Products

Do Insulated Windows Make a Difference?

Windows are the number one area where temperature transfers occur in homes and buildings.

Doors | Products

3 Sliding Door Systems for Your Next Home Project

Considering renovating your existing home or building a new one with sliding glass doors? Aluminum and glass sliding doors are a great way to allow mo...


5 Design Trends in Home Windows

The current trend in home windows involves maximizing natural light while getting away from standard window shapes and colors.