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3 Sliding Door Systems for Your Next Home Project

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3 Sliding Door Systems for Your Next Home Project

Considering renovating your existing home or building a new one with sliding glass doors? Aluminum and glass sliding doors are a great way to allow more light into your home, provide fresh air and give the illusion of bringing the outdoors inside.

Of course, you may be thinking about what types of sliding options are available for sliding doors. There are three primary opening systems for sliding glass doors:

  • Rail systems
  • Specialty sliding systems
  • Folding doors

The type you choose will depend on the door opening size, the number of panes, and the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

1. Rail Systems

Rail systems have tracks that allow the glass doors to slide open and closed. The type of rail system determined the number of door panels that could be opened. Rail systems are known for being aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. Not to mention, you’ll allow lots of natural light into your home.


A monorail system is probably what you think of when you think of sliding glass doors. This door-opening system contains one track and two glass panels. The first panel is fixed, while the second slides along the track to open and close. You’ll be able to open half the door with this system.


The doornail is another popular option. This system contains two tracks and two sliding panels. If you have two panes, you’ll be able to open each pane from either side of the door.


A multi-rail system contains three or more tracks, meaning it has at least three doors that can be opened. These doors open and close via one pane sliding behind another, often containing one fixed panel.

A good option for a multi-rail system is our CP 155-LS.

2. Specialty Sliding Systems

Specialty sliding systems allow for extreme versatility when choosing a sliding door opening option. At Reynaers Aluminium, we offer an open corner, zero thresholds, pocket, lift, and slide, and motorized.

Open Corner

An open corner sliding glass door contains two sliding glass doors in the middle at a corner. The good news about this system is that the design has no middle support bar to give you a completely unobstructed view. It’s important to note that this system works best with new builds, as the corner must be structurally supported by a metal beam spanning the opening. Therefore, we recommend discussing this sliding door system with your architect during the design phase.

A good option for an open corner system is our CP 68.

Zero Threshold

Zero threshold sliding doors contain tracks embedded into the floor rather than installed on top of the existing flooring. Since there’s no raised track, it’s a good option for those who want to eliminate any trip hazards or who have mobility issues and must use a walker or wheelchair.

Our Hi-Finity is an excellent option if you want a zero-threshold door.

Pocket Solution

Pocket doors slide into a wall, thus wholly disappearing when the doors are fully open. A pocket door is a great option when you want to take advantage of the full opening size and don’t want the doors ruining the aesthetic.

Our Slimpatio 68 is an excellent option for a pocket door.

Lift & Slide

Lift and slide doors are operated by first lifting them and then sliding them along the track. These are most often zero threshold doors that contain large glass panels. They also offer excellent weatherproofing with a tight seal against the track when closed. These doors are most often found in luxury homes.


Motorized sliding glass doors contain a motor activated to open and close the door. If you’ve ever walked into a supermarket and had the doors open for you, you’ve already seen this system in action. If you have one of these installed in your home, you can choose the type of operation, including automatic, push button, or even by cell phone app.

3. Folding Systems & Pivot Doors

A third sliding door opening option includes folding systems and pivot doors. These doors offer versatility and a unique aesthetic.

Folding Systems

Folding systems open like an accordion, meaning the panels swing out from the track and fold together. If you’ve seen an accordion closet door, you’ve already seen this type of door, but this system creates an elegant entryway with glass panels. Folding systems can contain as few as two panels or enough panels to span an entire wall of your home. These can be used as patio doors on interior doors.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors pivot or swing open. The pivot points can be located in the center of the door or on the end. When the pivot point is located in the center, the door creates two openings when it’s open. When the pivot is near the end of the door, it creates one space you can walk through and a second peek-a-boo opening. This style makes excellent interior or exterior doors with the right seal.

Sliding Doors with Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium can help you answer the question of what types of sliding options are available for sliding doors. We can also help you choose the right sliding door option for your home. Our sliding, pivot, and folding doors are great for remodeling projects and new builds, and we can build them with the degree of insulation you need, from non-insulated to passive-house insulation.

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