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3 Things To Know About Curtain Walls When Talking to Clients

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3 Things To Know About Curtain Walls When Talking to Clients

Modern building design is all about flow and freedom of movement while bringing the outdoors in — or at least giving the appearance of bringing the outdoors in. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by inserting a curtain wall, an aluminum-framed wall system containing glass, aluminum panels, or thin sheets of stone, into a design/build, no matter residential or commercial.

Curtain walls have been around since the 1930s, and their use rapidly expanded in the late 1940s, when aluminum was authorized for civilian use and military. However, if you have a client who could benefit from aluminum curtain walls for their new build, you may be wondering what the best approach is for sharing this option with your client. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

How To Talk About Curtain Walls With Your Clients

To fully explain the advantages of curtain walls over other building facades, it’s important to highlight their design and safety features, eco-friendliness, and minimal environmental impact.

1. Design Features

Aluminum curtain walls offer a plethora of design features, and can be used in both the interior and exterior of residential or commercial buildings. When used on the interior, they can provide separation of space and soundproofing, while ensuring even the smallest spaces feel open and airy.

When used on the exterior facade of the building, they can help give the appearance of bringing the outdoors indoors. These facades can even be designed with aluminum panels or coatings to help reduce sun glare. Curtain walls can also be given any level of insulation from none to super-high insulating.

Extreme Design Flexibility

Curtain walls offer extreme design flexibility from their sizes and openings to the colors on the frames. Curtain walls can sport various openings, including awning, parallel, and fixed. A fixed design means that the window wall doesn’t open. They can be stick-built or modular designed and constructed to fit any size opening. Curtain walls can even be retrofitted into a building’s exterior as part of a building upgrade and renovation project.

Impressive Aesthetics

Aluminum curtain walls draw the eye. When you see skyscrapers that appear to be all glass, that’s a curtain wall or, rather, rows and rows of curtain walls on every floor. Of course, curtain walls don’t have to encompass the entire building. They can be combined with other materials, like stone, brick, and various metals, to give the building a unique or even classic appearance. You can even get curtain walls with aluminum panels in various colors and styles to enhance your building’s curb appeal. The only limit to the design of a curtain wall is your imagination.

2. Safety Features

Curtain walls come with inherent safety features. They reduce building sway in high winds, prevent air and water infiltration into the building, and reduce fire spread between floors.

Keeps Out the Elements

Curtain walls are incredibly effective at keeping out air and water. After all, that’s their primary purpose. They are designed to insulate and seal. For example, the MasterWall system from Reynaers Aluminium provides maximum insulation, meaning the building will be less costly to operate and need less maintenance overall.

Reduces Building Sway in Skyscrapers

It’s important to note that curtain walls are not structural. They do not help support the load of the building. However, tall buildings with curtain walls experience less sway from high winds. If the building experiences kinetic energy, that energy dissipates through the curtain wall frame and is transferred to the building. Curtain walls help make buildings more structurally stable.

Reduces the Spread of Fire Between Floors

Since curtain walls are made primarily from aluminum and glass, their flammability is extremely low. However, because curtain walls hang off the floor slabs, smoke seals are added to prevent the spread of fire between floors, should the unfortunate happen. Since this slows the spread of fire, it makes it easier to contain any fires in the building and extinguish them.

3. Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness

Curtain walls are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are lightweight, cost-effective, and have an excellent thermal efficiency, which can help lower heating and cooling bills.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

When you are near a standard window receiving high sun, you tend to notice that the area around the window is warmer than the rest of the room. Curtain walls are insulated with multiple panes of glass and coated to reduce heat transfer, preventing this phenomenon. UV coatings can be applied to the glass to improve thermal efficiency further. Greater thermal efficiency means more significant energy savings.


When made with aluminum frames, curtain walls are both lightweight and durable compared to other building materials. Curtain wall systems are designed to support themselves, which means the structural components of your building can support your building, instead of your building and its curtain wall system.


Because aluminum has a lower mass than steel and other metals, transportation and installation costs tend to be lower for aluminum curtain walls, whether the facade is prefabricated or stick-built on-site. Installing an aluminum curtain wall may lower your construction costs.

Reduces Indoor Noise Pollution

Curtain walls can be designed to reduce indoor noise pollution from the outside using varying thicknesses of glass, ensuring the glass and framing are airtight by using certain seals, infill, and insulation.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Trapped moisture within walls contributes to mold and mildew growth, leading to sick building syndrome. Since that mold and mildew are trapped within a wall, it’s not readily seen until the damage is severe. Curtain walls, especially those designed for high thermal insulation, are sealed tightly to prevent moisture intrusion from the curtain wall.

Innovative Curtain Walls with Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium provides innovative curtain wall designs for residential and commercial buildings. You can design or build utilizing our curtain walls with varying insulation levels to meet your thermal efficiency needs, and also customize the frames with one or more of our 450+ colors to match the home’s palette. 

Discover our innovative selection of curtain walls.

Meet Our Curtain Walls

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