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​​Choosing The Right Color For Your Windows And Doors

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​​Choosing The Right Color For Your Windows And Doors

Choosing aluminum windows and doors for a project is a decision that will nearly endure a lifetime. With endless color and shade possibilities, UV-resistant powder coating provides a durable surface treatment to reduce maintenance. Simple cleaning with some water, a sponge, and a neutral, non-scratching soap, will allow the finish to withstand the test of time without having to invest in paint or varnish.

Powder Coating

Moreover, powder coating is an environmentally friendly way to paint your windows and doors which excludes the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and requires less energy than many other surface treatments. Similar to anodizing, powder coating is highly resistant to UV radiation and protects against corrosion. In the first step of the powder coating process, the aluminum is degreased, etched and a protective conversion layer is put on the surface. Next, a negative charge is applied on the powder particles to attach the powder coating to the grounded aluminum. Finally, profiles are cured in an oven in order to polymerize the powder coating into a stable, high quality, scratch-resistant finish. 

Reynaers AAMA Finishes

  • AAMA 2603 (Qualicoat class I) : Available in all 400+ RAL colors. See the Reynaers RAL color swatch for details.

  • AAMA 2604 (Qualicoat class II) : Available in a wide range of RAL colors, including our standard colors and a series of colors that give an anodized look to your profiles.

  • AAMA 2605 (Hyper Durable Colors) : Available in seven standard colors. AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604 color ranges can be delivered in either Matte or Fine Textured finish. AAMA 2605 colors are available in standard Matte finish only.

Reynaers AAMA Finishes

Reynaers focuses on quality and sustainability, offering all treatments according to the American AAMA and certified European Qualicoat standards. For European sourced extrusions, we partner with Axalta Coating Systems to source class I and class II powder coatings and Oxyplast for hyper durable colors. All products are finished with a minimum 60 microns (2.4mil) of powder, which far exceeds AAMA requirements providing a superior finish coat.

Powder coating is performed at Reynaers’ plants in Europe as well as US suppliers audited by Reynaers specialists. For more information, contact your local Reynaers representative.


Subject to the terms of the limited warranty, Reynaers warrants that aluminum parts treated by Reynaers will not have any detachments, flaking, blisters, corrosion, discoloring and/or loss of gloss exceeding predefined tolerances (e.g. AAMA 2603, 2604, 2605).** Painted & anodized finishes: Limited three (3) year warranty – unless within 3 miles of saltwater, then a limited one (1) year warranty applies.

  • If pre-anodization is used, a warranty on corrosion can be extended to a limited ten (10) year warranty.
  • This limited warranty covers the cost of labor and material to repaint the affected aluminum areas at the site where the product is located.
  •  In case of corrosive atmospheres, a prior agreement must have been reached with Reynaers regarding the surface treatment process.

Reynaers Inc. offers a broad selection of standard colors combined with different corrosion protection levels for the selection of the best fit surface treatment for a specific project.

General Remarks

  • The color samples in this brochure are just an indication of the final product color/shade, actual product colors/shades may vary slightly.
  • If combining different elements with the same RAL color, it is important to verify the details of the powder coating used on all complementary products

** For complete warranty, please see the Reynaers Inc. Limited Warranty


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