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Hurricane Proof Sliding Doors and Windows

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Hurricane Proof Sliding Doors and Windows

During hurricane season, heavy rain and winds cause serious damage to buildings — especially to exterior doors and windows. Reynaers Aluminium's sliding glass door CP 155-LS has passed all of the tests for hurricane proof. This sliding patio door is designed and tested to protect your building from debris and strong winds in hurricane-prone regions, like Florida and Texas.

Hurricane-Proof Doors

Concept Patio® 155 is a premium insulating lift-slide aluminum door designed to create maximal glass areas combined with increased comfort. CP 155 is available with various opening possibilities to meet your home's needs. The lift-slide system allows the creation of glazed doors with extreme dimensions and offers an aesthetical minimalistic middle section.

Hurricane-Proof Windows

The CP 155 sliding glass system joins Reynaers' Concept System® 77 windows in hurricane impact systems*. The CS 77 fixed and operable windows meet Miami Dade NOA & Florida Building Code with a DP65, HVHZ & Missile Type D Zone 4 rating.

Concept System® 77 is a high-insulation window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability, and security. CS 77 is available in a variety of aesthetic styles to match the current trends while offering all types of inward and outward opening windows. The system’s performance regarding acoustics, water-, and airtightness meets the highest of standards.

Read the official Notices of Acceptance (NOA) from Miami-Dade County and more information from the Florida building code for our CS 77 windows:

Miami Dade NOA (Reynaers)

Florida Building Code

Browse the CS 77, CP 155, and more of our windows, doors, and sliding systems:

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*CP 155 certification pending

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