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Dealer | Curtain Walls

3 Things To Know About Curtain Walls When Talking to Clients

Modern building design is all about flow and freedom of movement while bringing the outdoors in — or at least giving the appearance of bringing the ou...

Sustainability | Architect

4 Ways Aluminum Offers Design Freedom for Architects

When you think about designing a commercial or residential building, your mind likely focuses on the most common building materials, like wood, stone,...

Windows | Curtain Walls

What is a Curtain Wall?

What do skyscrapers with towering walls of glass windows glinting in the sunlight and luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking snowy mountains h...

Company News

Reynaers Aluminium Names New Chief Commercial Officer

Mitch Lewandowski will focus on the U.S. Market, and brings 25 years of experience to the company.

Sustainability | Dealer

How to Talk About Passive Building for Energy Efficiency in Sales

When people think about green homes and buildings, rooftop solar panels might come to mind — but there are many ways to incorporate sustainable elemen...

Sustainability | Architect

5 Ways Aluminum Helps Build Greener Buildings

Zero energy building, or net-zero energy building, is a design concept in which a building produces as much energy as it uses — ultimately making a “n...

Sustainability | Company News

NFRC's Sustainability Spotlight: Reynaers Practices Environmental Responsibility

ReynaersAluminiumdevelopsand marketsinnovative and sustainable aluminumusedinwindows, doors, curtain walls, and slidingdoors for both commercial and r...

Sustainability | Architect

Passive Houses: The New Normal In The Architectural Industry

Even though the world seemed to have come to a pause during this past year, we have seen accelerated growth in trends ranging from an increase in the ...

Windows | Doors

​​Choosing The Right Color For Your Windows And Doors

Choosing aluminum windows and doors for a project is a decision that will nearly endure a lifetime. With endless color and shade possibilities, UV-res...