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Sustainability | Industry Trends

A Guide to Green Building Certifications & Organizations

Are you looking to have your new or existing building green certified? Many global and national organizations offer various green building certificati...

Sustainability | Industry Trends

What is a Passive Home? (& Why it Matters)

If you want to go green with a new home or update and renovate your existing home, you may be wondering about passive houses. Passive houses are homes...

Sustainability | Industry Trends

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable During a Renovation

If you own an older home, you’ve probably been paying attention to the latest innovations in home design and energy-efficient features. But you don’t ...

Sustainability | Architect

4 Ways Aluminum Offers Design Freedom for Architects

When you think about designing a commercial or residential building, your mind likely focuses on the most common building materials, like wood, stone,...

Sustainability | Dealer

How to Talk About Passive Building for Energy Efficiency in Sales

When people think about green homes and buildings, rooftop solar panels might come to mind — but there are many ways to incorporate sustainable elemen...

Sustainability | Architect

5 Ways Aluminum Helps Build Greener Buildings

Zero energy building, or net-zero energy building, is a design concept in which a building produces as much energy as it uses — ultimately making a “n...

Sustainability | Company News

NFRC's Sustainability Spotlight: Reynaers Practices Environmental Responsibility

ReynaersAluminiumdevelopsand marketsinnovative and sustainable aluminumusedinwindows, doors, curtain walls, and slidingdoors for both commercial and r...

Sustainability | Architect

Passive Houses: The New Normal In The Architectural Industry

Even though the world seemed to have come to a pause during this past year, we have seen accelerated growth in trends ranging from an increase in the ...

Windows | Products

Trend Analysis With ARUP About The Future Of Façades Post Covid-19: Natural Ventilation And Night Cooling

With COVID-19, we are in a time of rapid change. It is more important than ever to understand which trends will shape the building industry in the com...