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Our high-quality systems meet the most stringent demands in terms of comfort, security, architectural design, and energy-efficiency.

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Reynaers Aluminum is a leading specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Windows →


Fixed and operable windows with a variety of styles and opening types to suit your style.



Bring the outdoor view from your home or building into your design with our doors.

Sliding Systems →

Sliding Systems

Reynaers sliding doors bring practicality together with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Folding Doors →

Folding Doors

Concept Folding® 77 combines high insulation and comfort with maximum transparency and aesthetics. 

Curtain Walls →

Curtain Walls

Introduce panoramic views into your space with glazed aluminum curtain walls from Reynaers.



No Reynaers system is complete without the complementary handles, hardware, and accessories.

Complimentary Systems 

Complementary Systems

Sun shading and insect screens designed for our products to seamlessly blend safety and style.

Smart Buildings →

Smart Building

Modern style meets modern tech with our smart keypads, fingerprint scanners, and mobile app.

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Automated Locks __

Never need a physical key again—doors can be opened at the touch of a button for quick and easy access.

CF 77 __

High insulation combined with comfort for maximum transparency and aesthetics.

CP 155-LS __

Combining maximum glass areas with increased comfort and insulation performance.

CP 68 __

This unique sliding system is characterized by its slim profiles, allowing the integration of large windows and doors for maximum views.

CS 77 Door __

A simple and modern solution designed to fit all safety demands.

CS 77 Window __

Optimal balance in performance and value.

Curtain Wall Opening Elements __

By expanding the range of opening elements in curtain wall systems, we can offer a solution for natural ventilation in almost all situations.

CW 50 __

A façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency.

Door Pulls __

Our door pulls are available in many design variations, making it easy to find the one that best fits the character of your project.

E-Invisitop __

E-invisitop is a comfort motorization solution for windows that are not easy to reach. A single motor integrated and concealed in the vent will not only tilt but also lock and unlock the window.

ElementFaçade 7 __

Allowing larger dimensions and sustaining heavier glass weights. Its future-proof performance values also allow it to further increase the height of façades, while meeting the strictest thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as sustainability requirements.

Fingerprint Security for Identified Users __

A classic fingerprint scanner for doors, combined with Bluetooth functionality and a smartphone app to easily set up and add users.

Hi-Finity __

The ultra-slim design of the minimalistic Hi-Finity sliding system creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance.

Horizon __

Horizon handles merge, almost invisibly, into a window or door, fitting perfectly into every possible architectural style and is ADA compliant.

Insect Screen __

This screen system can be mounted to a window, door, or sliding door to keep insects out with minimal interference of your view.

Keypad Security System __

Every user can set their own door access code, and encrypted communication from the keypad keeps your home or building secure.

Magnetic Contacts __

Validated and certified magnet contacts for official alarm system and HVAC integration.

MasterLine 10 Door __

Designed for low energy and passive buildings without compromising on design freedom, daylight access, or safety.

MasterLine 10 Window __

Options for both classic and modern architectural styles.

MasterLine 8 Door __

A wide range of highly insulated and robust flush doors, meeting the modern requirements for safety, thermal insulation and stability, allowing the creation of large entrance doors.

MasterLine 8 Window __

MasterLine 8 is a unique window system that combines countless design possibilities with first in class performance. Also available with a hidden vent.

MasterWall __

Building on the robust MasterLine 8 windows and doors platform and providing exceptional weather sealing performances, fabrication efficiency and last but not least: design freedom.

Motorized Sliding Systems __

Open sliding doors at the touch of a button via concealed motors seamlessly integrated.

Paralline __

Paralline aluminum façade cladding effortlessly combines contemporary design with elegant aesthetics and sustainable solutions.

Purity __

Next-generation material and mechanical properties combined with the superior Italian design of Leo De Carlo.

RB Glass __

A Juliet balcony glass balustrade designed specifically for the safety and aesthetic needs of large window spaces in high rise buildings.

SlimLine 38 Door __

Highly insulated system with inward and outward opening doors that combines elegance and comfort, with a unique design.

SlimLine 38 Window __

The perfect solution for modern architecture and renovation of steel-framed windows. 

SlimPatio 68 __

High-insulated sliding system with slim profiles and a concealed frame that combines comfort with elegance.

Smart Home App Mobile Access __

Configure settings, add users, and use your smartphone as a remote with the complimentary app for our smart home products.

Sun Shading __

The Brise Soleil 100 system offers a wide range of applications of ellipse-shaped louvers, creating the ultimate sun shading solution.

Touch __

Sleek, elegant and slim hardware, suitable for windows, doors, sliding and folding doors.

Freedom, Comfort, & Safety in Every Reynaers Design __

At Reynaers, we understand our products must meet all the demands of modern spaces, including design, energy-efficiency, and durability. We’ve developed our products to last a lifetime while offering timeless design by using sustainably sourced aluminum.


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