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Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Bring Panoramic Views into Your Space

Glass curtain walls can replace your existing solid walls to make an otherwise ordinary room into something spectacular. Glazed aluminum walls effortlessly blur the divide between in-and outside, allowing your living spaces to be filled with panoramic views and natural light.

Our aluminum curtain walling offers a range of aesthetical solutions, such as different styles of face caps from horizontal to vertical lining, to a more minimalistic look using structural glazing or clamping technologies. Reynaers also offers tailored solutions for those projects that require a specific architectural design for their aluminum facade.


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ElementFaçade 7
Allowing larger dimensions and sustaining heavier glass weights. Its future-proof performance values also allow it to further increase the height of façades, while meeting the strictest thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as sustainability requirements.
CW 50

A façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency.


Building on the robust MasterLine 8 windows and doors platform and providing exceptional weather sealing performances, fabrication efficiency and last but not least: design freedom.

Curtain Wall Opening Elements

By expanding the range of opening elements in curtain wall systems, we can offer a solution for natural ventilation in almost all situations.

Discover Insulation Options for Renovation Projects & New Construction

Reynaers curtain walls are available in different energy levels, from non-insulated to super high insulating or suitable for passive construction.


Medium insulating
High insulating
Super High insulating

Opening Types


Parallel Opening


Exceptional Range of Colors & Finishes __

An option for every project, in any style

We can provide the in- and outside of your profiles in almost every color you can imagine. Over 450 different shades and finishes are available: metallic or anodized, matte or gloss RAL-colors, or even a special low maintenance and scratch resistant coatex finish.

At Reynaers, we focus on quality and sustainability, offering all treatments according to the American AAMA and certified European Qualicoat Standards.


Discover Design Freedom

Elegance, grace, and freedom in design. Visit our inspiration gallery to experience the possibilities with Reynaers.