Accessories for windows, doors, and sliding doors.

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Not only is Reynaers an aluminum system supplier, we also offer a wide range of accessories for the operation of your windows, doors, and sliding doors, all extensively tested in combination with our aluminum systems, to provide safety and reliability. The most visible of these accessories are the handles. To perfectly match your style, we offer a range of hardware designs to complete your aluminum windows, doors, sliding and folding doors.


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Sleek, elegant and slim hardware, suitable for windows, doors, sliding and folding doors.

Horizon handles merge, almost invisibly, into a window or door, fitting perfectly into every possible architectural style and is ADA compliant.

Next-generation material and mechanical properties combined with the superior Italian design of Leo De Carlo.

Door Pulls

Our door pulls are available in many design variations, making it easy to find the one that best fits the character of your project.

Design Elements



Roseless Handle

A static appearance for a timeless design.


Door Pull

A great first impression.


Security Door Handle

Robust stainless steel for durable protection.


Sliding Door

Exclusive and ultimate design.

A Full Package Deal

A Complete Solution

At Reynaers, we are consistent in our promise to our customers. We offer design freedom for every opening type in your building and are committed to providing a complete package with suitable handles for the perfect finishing touch in your design.


Luxury Without Compromise

Everyday use, reducing opening forces, or a quick exit, you will find a perfect match in our design handle ranges. Slim and elegant solutions in durable high quality.

Safety First

Safety First

Hardware that meets the latest safety standards on your handles. Let us guide you to create a safe environment that fits your needs.


Discover Design Freedom

Elegance, grace, and freedom in design. Visit our inspiration gallery to experience the possibilities with Reynaers.