Smart Buildings

Seamless integration of smart building solutions into our doors and windows.

Life, More Comfortable than Ever

Our windows and doors are compatible with the industry’s leading smart building systems. Together, they provide you with a new level of comfort, security, and peace of mind. Thanks to a range of intelligent solutions, our windows and doors do the work for you at the push of a button.

No need to worry about keys anymore: the smart system allows you to manage access to your home or building through a fingerprint scanner or app. Moreover, it allows you to check whether doors and windows are properly closed from a distance and to have packages delivered inside safely while you’re away.


Meet Our Smart Building Products

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Motorized Sliding Systems

Open sliding doors at the touch of a button via concealed motors seamlessly integrated.

Automated Locks

Never need a physical key again—doors can be opened at the touch of a button for quick and easy access.

Keypad Security System

Every user can set their own door access code, and encrypted communication from the keypad keeps your home or building secure.

Fingerprint Security for Identified Users

A classic fingerprint scanner for doors, combined with Bluetooth functionality and a smartphone app to easily set up and add users.

Smart Home App Mobile Access

Configure settings, add users, and use your smartphone as a remote with the complimentary app for our smart home products.


E-invisitop is a comfort motorization solution for windows that are not easy to reach. A single motor integrated and concealed in the vent will not only tilt but also lock and unlock the window.

Magnetic Contacts

Validated and certified magnet contacts for official alarm system and HVAC integration.

Design Elements


Greater Comfort

  • Open doors at the touch of a button
  • No more keys needed
  • Connect with your home automation system

Peace of Mind

  • Door always locks behind you
  • Connect to other smart safety solutions
  • No more lost keys

Top Quality

  • Timeless design
  • Robust durability
  • Same Reynaers' Quality Guarantee

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