E-Invisitop __

With an eye on natural ventilation and free cooling we offer the E-invisitop to ensure natural ventilation of the room in the most economical way.

E-invisitop is a comfort motorization solution for windows that are not easy to reach. A single motor integrated and concealed in the vent will not only tilt but also lock and unlock the window.


• Quick assembly thanks to the plug -&-play principle of the motor
• Smooth appearance thanks to the concealed components and motor
• Use of durable materials: corrosion-resistant: zinc alloy, synthetic materials, stainless steel, aluminum
• Silent electric motor
• High-security version available: E-invisitop Chrono Safe SKG**
• Easy operation in unreachable places
• Easy assembly and disassembly: the motor is concealed in the vent profile with only one milling operation
• All the advantages of Sobinco Chrono fittings
• A new feature for the MasterLine 8 Hopper


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